Scripting with the API

ProKnow DS is designed to be an open, extensible platform for interacting with and analyzing your patient data. One way we encourage this is through our server-side RESTful HTTP API. Literally anything that can be done through the ProKnow DS user interface can also be performed by a non-interactive client directly interfacing with ProKnow DS’s RESTful API. This capability allows automation and custom analyses to be performed efficiently when executed from programmed scripts or other application logic.

Several examples of use cases are below:

  • Interfacing ProKnow DS with external third-party systems and data repositories within your clinic or network
  • Automatically assigning patients to collections based on specific clinical criteria
  • Performing batch operations across many patients that would otherwise require significant manual effort (e.g., performing repetitive structure boolean operations)
  • Augmenting patient records with additional Custom Metrics values extracted or processed from the underlying DICOM files (e.g., metrics based on radiomics) or external sources