Collection Module

Your aggregate patient data contains a lot of “potential energy” that ProKnow DS can help you convert into knowledge. Big initiatives — like clinical trials, outcomes analyses, identification of outliers, understanding of variation, and comparative effectiveness — all start with organizing logical cohorts of patient data.

ProKnow facilitates this organization by allowing you to define collections of patients that can then be analyzed and studied using the Collection Module. With this module, you can do the following with ease:

  • Define as many logical cohorts as you want, setting them up as collections.
  • Assign patients to collections individually as they’re uploaded or as a batch, if already uploaded.
  • Define what we call “Organization Collections,” collections that span multiple workspaces, allowing you to perform robust quality control across an entire network.
  • Define workspace-specific collections to include patients only in the applicable workspace.
  • Assign a patient to multiple collections, if desired (e.g., if the patient is part of multiple cohorts and/or trials).

Once you have defined your collections — and as you populate them over time — at your fingertips are tools such as the structure inventory, collection scorecards, histograms, scatterplots, and population DVH.