Collection Scorecards

Similar to the patient-specific Plan Scorecards, ProKnow DS also allows you to create and track scorecards for your patient collections. This is easy to use and of immediate practical benefit, allowing you to do the following:

  • Instantly (and constantly) extract your user-defined metrics-of-interest across large populations of patients.
  • Create and edit Collection Scorecards based on organization templates, and make additional changes on the fly.
  • Show a box plot indicator (min, 25%, median, 75%, and max) of metric results superimposed on your color-coded metric objectives.
  • See and interact with a graphical indicator showing how many patients in the collection have the metric-specific anatomical structure or extracted metric.
  • Click on any row (i.e., metric) in the Collection Scorecard to immediately display an interactive histogram of that metric across all patients in the collection.
  • Create as many scorecards as you want, including scorecards that track custom metrics.
  • Extract all metrics and metric results across a cohort of patients using the collection scorecard and the “Download Patient Metric Values” tool.