The big data tools of ProKnow DS allow you to track and analyze histograms to study the distribution of any metric across a patient collection. With the Histograms feature in the Collection Module, you can do the following things:

  • Select any numeric metric from your population scorecard or from a list and immediately see the distribution as a histogram with statistics.
  • Group data by workspace or any custom metric tag to study differences and perform analysis of variance (ANOVA) between different clinics, modalities, physicians, patient traits, genetic markers, drug regimens, etc.
  • Bookmark any histogram to enable one-click recall for future sessions and as new patients are added to the collection.
  • Select any bin on the histogram to see which patients’ metrics are in that bin, and enable immediate drill-down into the Patient Module for any of those patients.
  • Select any specific patient name from a list to highlight that patient’s metric bin on the histogram.
  • Download raw data locally to a spreadsheet file (*.csv).