This video is an overview of how you can use ProKnow to connect a multi-institutional team to a secure, cloud-based repository of patient data.

The system has all the necessary tools to enable the aggregation of big data, such as the ability to organize patients into cohorts and curate patient information both retrospectively and prospectively. Once aggregated, ProKnow provides interactive tools to help you study things like comparative effectiveness, variation, correlation, and outcomes analysis.

The data objects collected, viewed, and processed include images (CT, MR, PET), image registration/fusion (spatial registration objects), anatomy (RT structure sets), plans (RT plans), dose grids (RT doses), dose-volume histogram (DVH), as well as user-defined “custom metrics” for other quantities or patient traits/demographics that are not derived from digital DICOM data.

After you watch this video, you can use the subsequent pages in this section to understand the tools in more detail.