Population DVH

Across a cohort of patients, you can study a metric’s variation using a histogram and the correlation of pairs of metrics using a scatterplot. But what if you wanted not just to analyze specific metrics, but characterize a specific organ’s or target’s DVH curve across that cohort?

ProKnow DS solves this. For every patient in a user-defined cohort, a statistical rendering of DVH variation for any specific structure will be calculated and displayed as a Population DVH. As patients are added and removed from the cohort, the Population DVH is automatically updated.

The Population DVH is graphically displayed as statistical zones (e.g., quartile values of dose across a high-resolution sampling of volumes from 0 to 100%), making it an intuitive and informative plot of DVH variation across many patient plans. The raw data underlying the Population DVH can be downloaded as a spreadsheet-compatible delimited file, allowing you to do customized statistical analysis and research.

You can also display any single patient’s DVH curve atop that backdrop of the Population DVH to see where it falls versus the Population DVH for that cohort.