Structure Inventory

Non-standard naming for anatomical structures is a practical problem when aggregating and analyzing cohorts of patients, and ProKnow DS has several tools to help you manage that problem (see the “Structure Name Standardization” feature in the “Data Management” section). One of them uses a highly-intuitive Structures tool in the Collection Module. You can use this tool to do the following tasks:

  • Take an inventory of all structure names observed over all patient datasets in the collection.
  • See the count of each structure name in the collection.
  • Interact with a graphical indicator for each structure to drill down into a list of patients that have the structure or a list of patients that do not have the structure.
  • Select different name variations and merge them to a single, standard name. (Note: This will create a new version of the applicable patients’ structure set for ProKnow DS big data analysis, but it will not change the archived DICOM files.)