Contour Correction for Retrospective Studies

When most people think of anatomy contouring, they think of the vital step that precedes treatment plan optimization, dose calculation, and plan evaluation. This is prospective contouring and is, indeed, an important step in the treatment planning workflow.

However, contouring is also relevant for any team doing responsible, well-designed clinical trials based on patients that have already been treated (or are currently under treatment). Why? Because oftentimes the prospective contouring omitted important volumes and/or was inaccurate, which results in untrustworthy DVH analysis and metric extraction.

Therefore, ProKnow DS has been designed to make retrospective contouring easy and convenient to facilitate clinical trials, with no need to go back to the original contouring software or TPS.

The same tools you use for prospective contouring are available for retrospective contouring. And — importantly! — all prior structure set versions (e.g., the original structure set that was used in plan optimization and evaluation) are archived for easy viewing, analyzing, restoring, and downloading.