Audit Logs

Audit logs provide a record of patient- and security-related events that have occurred within ProKnow for your organization.

Audit logs are created whenever a user creates, updates, deletes, or retrieves objects within ProKnow. Additionally, security events such as login attempts, password recoveries, account lockouts and permission denials are recorded.

Each log in the table contains information on:

  • Type – the type of event.
  • Description – a brief synopsis of the event.
  • Date – the time that the event occurred (in your local time zone).
  • Workspace – the name of the workspace that contains the object involved in the event (if applicable).
  • Patient – the name and medical record number of the patient involved in the event (if applicable).
  • Resource ID – the unique identifier of the object (if applicable).
  • User – the name of the user that initiated the event.

Only records from the last 90 days can be viewed and searched. Records older than 90 days are moved to archival storage but may still be downloaded as needed.

Note: Users must be assigned “Audit Logs Manager” permissions to access audit logs. Only then will the user see the Monitoring menu option in the ProKnow dropdown.