Batch Upload of Custom Metrics

Custom metrics for patient records are valuable. And for those of you who have already been tracking important factors and patient outcomes for years, ProKnow DS allows easy import for storage, display, and statistical analysis, such as sub-groupings for population histograms or correlation studies between two or more numeric metrics.

If you have hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of custom metrics already stored (e.g., in spreadsheets or a database) you might ask: Do I have to manually enter those values? Thankfully, in addition to manual entry, ProKnow DS allows for batch upload and automated methods to import your custom metrics.

For batch upload from a spreadsheet, just select the “uploads” tool of the applicable data workspace, then select “Import Metrics.” You will be prompted to select a delimited text file (*.csv) that has your metric values. Each row must have the unique Patient ID as the first column, followed by as many custom metric columns as you have. The custom metrics IDs in the file must match the names for your ProKnow DS custom metrics.

If you prefer to import your data using scripting, you can use the API (please refer to the feature summary for “Automation & Integration: Scripting with the API”).