DICOM Upload (Batch)

For all current and future patient planning, you will probably opt to use the DICOM DS storage class provider (SCP) application to automatically export from your TPS and upload to the cloud.

However, ProKnow DS offers an easy way to upload and organize all your retrospective data (i.e., the troves of DICOM data you have already archived). Simply use the batch upload feature, which works in several ways:

  • You can select a storage directory to automatically start uploading all data recursively, no matter how many patients or files the folder contains.
  • Alternatively, you can select multiple files to upload instead of the recursive upload of a whole directory.
  • All data are automatically organized based on DICOM associations. ProKnow DS does the hard work for you by creating new patient records and automatically sorting out the DICOM object hierarchy.
  • Data are uploaded to a user-specified ProKnow DS workspace.