DICOM Upload (Single Patient)

Sometimes it is useful to upload new files (or directories of files) directly to an existing patient record.

Manually controlling and organizing the data in a patient’s record is easy with ProKnow DS. First, select an existing patient record (or create one if it doesn’t exist) to enter the Patient Module. From there, select a directory or a batch of files to upload, which will force them into that specific patient’s data repository.

This is convenient and often necessary for several reasons:

  • You are focused on one patient at the moment (e.g., his/her images, contours, plan, IGRT images) and there is no need for a batch upload and automatic organization of multiple patients’ data.
  • You have patient data across multiple systems (e.g., imaging, contouring, planning, IGRT) but may have slightly different patient IDs or names due to user entry errors or lack of standardization. This feature ensures that the data go to the right place.
  • The data have missing or incorrect DICOM tags leading to incorrect object associations, which can happen due to errors in other software systems or with errant anonymization methods.