Patient Search

The number of patient datasets you can store and explore with ProKnow DS is virtually unlimited. Other than organizing patient data into workspace repositories and/or grouping them into patient collections, ProKnow DS offers advanced search features to allow you to quickly find a patient dataset to view, contour, analyze, download, etc.

Of course, if you know the workspace where the patient data are assigned, you can use the basic filtering tools to search by patient ID or name. Just start typing and the patient list will become more and more focused, allowing you to easily see and select the patient.

In many cases, filtering by ID or name is not enough. You may have many workspaces and not know in which workspace the patient is stored. Or you may only know certain traits of the patient, plan, or dose and want to search based on those fields. That is where the patient search feature comes in handy.

Patient search is also a great way to find sub-lists of applicable patients that you wish to assign en masse to a new or existing patient collection.