Structure Name Standardization

Standardizing anatomic region-of-interest (ROI) names across a network of clinics and users is important for removing variation and mitigating risk, and it is imperative when managing big data, retrospective studies, and clinical trials.

ProKnow DS has several modes to help you standardize ROI naming:

  • Global renaming rules. An organization can create a library of automatic rules that will rename ROIs (1) at the time of initial upload and processing (e.g., when you transfer data to ProKnow via DICOM server or batch upload) and (2) on-demand by manually executing a renaming rule. The tools for creating automatic rules are intuitive, allowing the user to define specific conditions for renaming, such as if the original ROI name equals, contains, or begins with a specific string, or if it is one of a predefined list of synonyms.
  • Cohort-specific renaming. As you add patient datasets to cohorts — or “collections” as they’re called in ProKnow DS — a special tool analyzes all observed instances of ROI names and easily merges multiple variations to set them all to a user-defined standard name.
  • Patient-specific manual renaming. Prospectively or retrospectively, a user can always manually edit the ROI name using the patient viewer.