Universal Archive/Retrieve

ProKnow DS supports all imaging devices, treatment planning systems (TPS), and other software systems that export valid DICOM data. These data include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • CT images (diagnostic, cone-beam, and tomotherapy)
  • MR images (diagnostic and MR-linac)
  • RT Structure Sets
  • RT Plans
  • RT Dose

Based on what data are uploaded or created, ProKnow DS will independently calculate and archive the following:

  • Dose-volume histogram (DVH)
  • User-specified dose, DVH, and anatomy metrics and scorecards
  • Dynamic population analyses for cohorts of patients

Other digital data that can be archived include these types:

  • Electronic documents (PDF, JPG, DOC, PPT, etc.)
  • Patient text notes
  • Task checklists