Workflow Manager

As a distributed, web-based platform, ProKnow DS can help improve efficiency by managing tasks common to clinical workflows such as contouring, plan evaluation, and peer review. To help you manage your tasks, ProKnow DS has an integrated workflow manager (like a “patient whiteboard” in a clinic). This tool allows users to quickly see where each patient is located within the associated workflow.

Workflows are fully customizable and, when used in conjunction with Checklists (see the “Checklists” feature in the “Patient Module” section), they give better visibility to your team on the progress of clinical tasks.

The workflow manager allows you to do the following:

  • Locate patient checklist items that are assigned to you, another user, or nobody (useful for managing task assignments)
  • View checklists within a single workspace or across the entire organization (useful for managing remote peer review)
  • Filter checklists with unfinished tasks or tasks marked as having an exception
  • Transition checklists from one workflow state to another