Browse & Manage DICOM

You can store all kinds of DICOM patient data with ProKnow DS, with no limit on the number or size of files. Of course, when dealing with potentially voluminous digital data, it is paramount to handle the DICOM associations correctly and automatically, as well as provide easy and intuitive management of DICOM data objects once stored in the cloud.

The ProKnow DS Patient Module has a useful, interactive DICOM object browser on the Browse tab, and it serves multiple purposes:

  • It gives intuitive visualization of what data objects exist and how they are associated.
  • It allows you to edit labels for easy recognition if the native DICOM fields are not descriptive.
  • It serves as a “data selector” widget, so if you have multiple image sets, structure sets, plans, doses, per-fraction image sets, etc., you can select any of them with the mouse to activate in the interactive viewer.
  • Also, for DICOM objects whose associations have been lost (e.g., by some 3rd party anonymizer) or are missing (e.g., due to errors in the software that created them), you can use an intuitive click-and-drag in ProKnow’s browser to re-associate objects (if allowed, and when applicable).