If you’re like us, you know the best way to finish complicated projects — especially if they involve many tasks by a team of people — is with detailed checklists. Treatment planning and peer review lend themselves to checklists, because checklists help do the following:

  • Drive standardization
  • Record who did what, and when
  • Monitor progress
  • Help manage workflow
  • Mitigate the risk of omission

ProKnow DS allows you to customize unlimited checklists for your organization and manage them in the Patient Module using the “Checklist” feature. The Checklist tool helps you do the following:

  • Design checklists by loading organization templates and/or by composing patient-specific tasks on the fly
  • Define clear labels and descriptions for checklist items
  • Assign tasks to colleagues
  • Check off completed tasks, record when and by whom they were completed, and allow for special comments for each completed item
  • Monitor progress (percentage of tasks completed vs. total tasks)
  • Integrate with workflows to monitor assignments and progress across many patients and users