When exploring a patient’s data for any combination of dose and structure set, you will have a full suite of tools for DVH display and analytics:

  • An easy-to-read spreadsheet that contains structure names, colors, and critical stats such as min, max, and mean dose (Gy) as well as absolute volume (cc)
  • Color-coded DVH curves that can be toggled on/off individually or en masse
  • Curve options allowing you to display cumulative volume (%), cumulative volume (cc), or differential volume (cc) vs. dose (Gy)
  • Graphics preferences such as grid lines on/off and dark or light background
  • Download of raw DVH data for one or all curves in the dataset

Automatic extraction of critical DVH values and measures of performance vs. customized objectives is easy to do by using plan scorecards.

You can also compare multiple plans’ DVH curves using the “Compare” tool.