Fused Image Layers

When you upload multiple volumetric image sets for a patient, ProKnow DS will detect which ones are already registered to the same frame of reference and make them available to view as fused image layers when exploring anatomy, editing (or reviewing) contours, analyzing dose distributions, etc. Typical image fusion examples include the following:

  • Planning CT fused with MR (for accurate contouring)
  • CT with and without contrast (also for contouring)
  • Cone-beam CT (CBCT) or other on-board volumetric imaging fused with planning CT (for adaptive planning and analysis)
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment images (for outcomes analysis)

ProKnow DS gives you control:

  • Select which layers to view (not limited to only two layers at a time)
  • Adjust the color LUT and opacity of each layer
  • Optimize the window/level of each layer