Interactive Viewer

ProKnow DS has been designed from the ground up to harness the power of the cloud without compromising the speed and performance required for medical imaging and analyses. We strategically balance processing performed in the cloud vs. processing done by the client, and one obvious reward is the high-performance, dynamic interactive viewer for patient data.

Once uploaded, processed, encrypted, and stored, ProKnow DS rarely needs to reload or reprocess the complicated and bulky DICOM data objects. Rather, our proprietary data objects are cached to your browser quickly, and our app allows for real-time, no-lag interactivity for multiple tasks:

  • 3D navigation and instantaneous image reconstruction for axial, sagittal, and coronal planes
  • Image window and level, as well as color scale rendering and opacity for fused image layers
  • Pan and zoom
  • Contouring with pen or variable paintbrush, including auto-smoothing
  • Dose and image pixel probing and user-defined profiles