Plan Scorecards

The Patient Module has a great tool to allow you to customize plan evaluation templates: Plan Scorecards. They help drive standardization, assess plan performance, extract metrics for big data/cohort analysis, and mitigate the risk of omission.

Scorecards automate the extraction and analysis of (1) vital metrics you wish to capture (i.e., “what you think is important”) and (2) metric performance vs. objectives (i.e., “how the plan result fares compared to goals”).

You can create scorecards that serve as templates that are accessible across your entire organization. You can also define patient-specific scorecards (from scratch, or initialized with a template) on the fly in order to customize your plan evaluation or research. Scorecards are very flexible and customizable:

  • Choose metrics from an extensive library of options of dose and DVH-based metrics, calculated indices and measures, or structure-specific traits.
  • Customize your objectives to be as simple (e.g., pass/fail) or as complex (e.g., five-levels of performance with custom labels and colors) as you want.
  • Save scorecards as templates to use across an entire organization, or save template files to use over and over for a limited group of users (e.g., workspace-specific).
  • Apply, and track dynamically, scorecard templates across an entire cohort of patients that you monitor as a ProKnow patient collection.

You can also compare multiple plans’ scorecards using the “Compare” tool.