Data Security

When designing software that manages the storage, display, modification, and analysis of digital patient data, you have to talk about data security. Important questions include the following:

  • How do you control access (i.e., who can log in to the system and how)?
  • Are the data stored in an encrypted and HIPAA-compliant form?
  • If the storage is offsite (e.g., on the cloud), are the data encrypted and protected during transit?
  • Can you anonymize patient data, either at the core (by removing all patient health information, or PHI, from the files altogether) or while viewing in the software graphical interface?

ProKnow DS has been designed with data security in mind. It includes the following: support for multi-factor authentication and federated login, data encryption in transit and at rest, and special tools to remove display of PHI during certain sessions or for certain users.