Data Workspaces

ProKnow DS introduces the concept of workspaces to help you organize patient data into clearly labeled repositories and control user access to those repositories with workspace-specific privileges.

For example, a network with many clinics might want to create a dedicated workspace for the patients from each specific institution. Smaller networks or individual clinics might create workspaces that are organized by protocol, body site, or even physician.

A well-planned set of workspaces will help you achieve the following:

  • Organize your patient data into logical and distinct repositories
  • Find your patient data quickly, be it ten minutes, ten days, or ten years after uploading
  • Support intuitive and efficient usage for organizations with multiple institutions, protocols, and/or research groups
  • Control user permissions by setting workspace-specific privileges to archive, retrieve, read, modify, contour, etc.
  • Build workspace-specific patient collections for strategic “big data” analysis
  • Build “super collections” of patient data to compare metrics and performance across multiple workspaces