Identity Access Management

ProKnow’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) facilitates the management of user access to groups of resources. It comprises Workspaces, Roles, and Users. As part of the 1.31.0 release, ProKnow’s IAM has been updated to better manage permissions across large organizations. It allows assignment of roles to a group of users, as well as individual management of workspaces

User: Is an entity (usually a person) who uses the system. Users belong to a group/s that are assigned a role that grants specified permissions.

Group: Is a collection of 0 or more users. Groups are organized into a group hierarchy. A user is an explicit member of a group if they belong to the group. A user is an implicit member of a group if they belong to a subgroup of the group.

Role: Is a set of permissions.

Workspace: Is where patient and collection data is stored. One workspace can hold many patients and can have a representation in many collections. Each patient belongs to exactly one workspace.