ProKnow DS allows an organization to create and manage its roster of users. And, unlike other systems which charge extra license fees for each additional user, there is no limit to the number of users you can include in your ProKnow DS organization. Unlimited users are included in your organization subscription!

Getting started with ProKnow DS follows these general steps:

  • (Setup) Strategize, then create, your workspaces.
  • (Setup) Set up a set of roles that will define permission levels across and within workspaces.
  • (Setup) Create a roster of users either automatically (via federated identity/single sign-on) or manually (adding individuals by name and organizational email), and assign roles to them.
  • (Maintain) Manage your user roster by adding, editing, or deleting users from your organization.

You can also manage or add multiple users conveniently using spreadsheets that can be exported, edited/added to, then imported as one step.