Participant’s Eye View: The 2019 World Championship of Treatment Planning

August 16, 2019

This is update #2 of the weekly updates regarding the 2019 World Championship of Treatment Planning.

In this update, we give you an overview of the “participant’s eye view” of the week before the event, the 24 period of the live event, and the week after the event. See the table below to start to build a mental picture of how to prepare, compete, and analyze results.

Also, below the table is the registration form for anyone who has not already registered to participate in the event. We will be accepting registrations through the end of August.

Next week, in update #3, we will detail (1) the composite scoring method that will be used for this first-of-its-kind event, (2) the prize money amounts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall place, and (3) the exact 24-hour period during which participants can sign in and compete.

Participant’s Eye View

Note: Mobile device users will need to use their finger to scroll horizontally to see all of the columns in the table.

# Phase Timeframe Participant’s Eye View
  • There will be a training video published by Sept 2. This will guide you step-by-step through the process you’ll follow during the live event.
  • We will have set up your account on a dedicated ProKnow DS domain, and during this time you can set up your sign in password and verify that you are able to successfully login.
  • We will simulate the process using a practice dataset (different body site than the actual event).
  • Note: All scoring rules (i.e., how composite scores will be calculated) and plan practicality limits will be announced on or before this pre-event week.
2 LIVE EVENT Sept 9 – 10
(24 Hour Period)
  • Sign in and initiate your start time (for efficiency score component).
  • Download the CT images and partial structure set.
  • Transfer data to your contouring and/or planning system.
  • Contour missing structures.
  • Optimize your treatment plan and calculate dose.
  • Upload your completed structure set as well as your first plan iteration.
  • Load the scorecard template to analyze your treatment plan quality results using the combination of your plan and your structures, which is one component of the eventual composite score.
  • Iterate to improve the plan’s score as many times as you want, staying within the bounds of the plan practicality limits and keeping in mind that efficiency will be scored, too.
  • Finalize your submission.
  • During this time you can still sign in to inspect your submission, but it will be “read-only,” i.e., you cannot make any more changes.
  • ProKnow will begin post-processing all the datasets to render the component scores and the composite scores, then set up a new, anonymized workspace where population results can be analyzed.
  • At this stage, ProKnow and the clinical planning team will also review the highest composite scores, inspect the plan practicality to verify each is within the specified constraints, and determine the top 3 overall scores.
4 RESULTS, Part 1 Sept 16 – 17
  • Results presentation and announcement of winners at ASTRO.
  • Video of results presentation released on the web.
  • Video training on how to sign in and analyze anonymous population results using ProKnow DS. Analysis will include not only all plan metrics, but also all the post-processed component and composite scores.
5 RESULTS, Part 2 Sept 17 – TBA
  • Non-participant registration opens to allow access to the anonymized population results workspace.
  • Continued 24/7 interactive analysis will stay available for all participants plus these newly registered non-participants.
  • Within two months, video interviews with high performers will eventually be recorded and released via the ProKnow website.


Registration is now closed!